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National Pool in Apple Valley, MN

DOT Testing Using a Consortium National Pool

Random drug testing programs are a requirement for companies that fall under Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations. Smaller companies that follow DOT regulations typically decide to enroll in a consortium national pool testing program, while larger employers under DOT regulations typically use a stand-alone pool to comply with random drug testing requirements. ARCpoint Labs of Apple Valley, MN can provide your company with a consortium national pool for random drug testing.

How a Consortium National Pool Works

A consortium national pool for DOT testing consists of the employees from several different companies. These employees form the consortium national pool to increase the number of participants in a random drug testing program. For companies that have only one employee in a safety-sensitive position, joining a consortium national pool is a requirement under DOT regulations. For companies with more than one such employee, a consortium national pool is an option, but they are also free to form their own stand-alone pool. A consortium national pool offers the advantage of a larger random drug and alcohol testing pool size for smaller companies with fewer employees.

DOT Testing with ARCpoint Labs of Apple Valley, MN.

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